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  • Oct

    Sugarless Yoga Gummies


    These little cuties were made with coconut milk and gelatin that I happened to have in my refrigerator. I was craving something a little sweet so I decided to make these little yoga gummies for myself and my daughter. This is a fun and easy activity to do with your son or daughter and enjoy sn…

  • Oct

    Broccoli Flatbread


      Broccoli flatbread. Sound interesting? This is a healthy option your typical bread you use for lunch. There are only 3 ingredients needed and takes minimal preparation. They are simply made with a vegetable of your choice, which could be beets, carrots or broccoli, and then add eggs …

  • Nov

    No Dairy, No Problem: Enjoy Nut Milk Today

    courtesy of Nectar and Green and Brian Samuels Photography

      With a huge surge in popularity over the last several years, nut milk is more and more common on the shelves – and not hidden away in special food stores or health food sections. For many people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, or those who have chosen a vegan diet, …

  • Nov

    This One Beverage Ingredient That Can Give Your…

    healthy girls with long hair

    Big benefits to your health are all around you – in little supplements on the store shelves, and even more so in the foods you choose to eat. Just knowing what to consume – and when – can be the difference between feeling just okay… And feeling your very best! As we covered in our po…