Sprinkled Snowballs

Unsweetened coconut energy bites with cocoa

Sprinkled Snowballs…

Well, not really but this protein rich treat reminds me of the beauty of the first snowfall.

Are you searching for a pick me up at 3 or 4pm? These will provide enough protein to sustain you through sports practice or your long hours of studying till dinner is ready.

They are nutrient dense, rich in antioxidants and healthy fats.  The best part- there is no fuss, no baking and can be made in about 5 minutes.

Did I mention there is NO SUGAR ADDED to this recipe. A perfect alternative to a power bar….

They contain:

WALNUTS: contain cancer fighting properties, rich in polyphenol antioxidants, add in weight control (due to increased satiety) and contribute to brain health because of the omega-3 fats.

FLAX:rich in omega-3 and insoluble fiber and contains anti-inflammatory properties. You may not even realize it but we all tend to have some silent inflammation…

COCONUT BUTTER: rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and fiber.

The recipe is below and courtesy of sweat and oranges

Chocolate Protein Balls

Unsweetened coconut energy bites with cocoa

By Published:

    Scrumptious and decadent but without the added sugar. They pack a punch and make it tempting to eat more than one. Gluten free and vegan



    1. Chop dates and walnuts. Mix all the ingredients in a food processor except the shredded coconut. Form balls then coat with shredded coconut.

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