winter squash frittata

This winter frittata is a thick, hearty omelet that is packed with kale, Butternut squash and coconut milk. It is a perfect dish for a cold winter day, as it is both warming and satisfying. Read more



Summer is ideal for traveling (no coats required) and having fun with friends and family. What do you look forward to most? Relaxing by the beach or pool, exercising, hiking, biking, grilling outside, and reading. Ideally all of the above.

However, there’s something many of us experience, but don’t talk about—gut issues while traveling. Issues like constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating can flare up on-the-go, or even become worse during travel. Flying or being in a country without access to our “normal” diet or foods can exacerbate things, too.

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