vegetarian lasagne

It’s October, AKA month of All. The. Candy. With those snack-size treats comes heaps of anxiety—the agitation we might feel as parents watching our kids overindulge while trick-or-treating, the temptation we try to resist when those spoils are sitting around the house, the worry that the candy bag will linger for way too long (hello, dentist bills). 

What if we can indulge in Nourishing foods that remind us of our childhoods without the sugar rush? Yes, it is possible to indulge in foods that comfort without the angst. Here are a few.

  1. Healthy grilled cheese. With an easy swap of almond cheese and fresh sourdough bread, this sandwich standby is a safe bet. Add avocado and a side salad, and you have made your Golden Goddess Plate.
  2. Vegetable lasagne. This hearty Italian indulgence is an easy way to pack in your veggies when you make it Nourishing style.
  3. Pancakes. You’ll flip for this fortifying take on a breakfast favorite. 
  4. Mashed cauliflower. There’s little the creamy comfort of mashed potatoes can’t cure, and we found a way to get there with all the health benefits of cauliflower built in.
  5. Sweet potato nachos. Make your game-day goodies healthy, for the win, by packing in sweet potatoes, beans and corn. 
  6. Brothicles. Yes, brothicles. Conjure that chasing-down-the-ice-cream-truck thrill of childhood with a popsicle that supports your nutrition goals, too. 


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