healing that inner child

As we move into adulthood, we learn how to take care of ourselves, and that means helping our bodies to heal. We’ve got a lot coming at us in today’s world, from water issues to beauty products, environmental toxins and superbugs. It can take its toll, and show up in amorphous symptoms. 

During my own recovery, I tried a wide range of healing modalities to help detoxify my body from heavy metal exposure. Some worked; others, not so much. Here are my top choices to help you shortcut toward healing.

Castor Oil Packs. A few years ago I started using castor oil packs to help my body detox; they’re a great way to stimulate liver detoxification and have helped me tremendously with GI pain.

All you need is a bottle of castor oil, a piece of wool flannel and a (not electric) heating pad. I also use a towel just in case the oil gets messy (it can stain, so be careful!).

  • Open up your piece of flannel and place it in a large bowl.
  • Drizzle the castor oil all over the flannel until it’s well saturated.
  • Warm a heating pad.
  • Put a towel underneath you so the oil doesn’t get on your bed or couch.
  • Lay down and put the flannel on the right side of your stomach directly on your skin (right under your rib cage).
  • Place the heating pad on top of the flannel and relax. 
  • You can use this for 30-40 minutes, or as long as desired.
  • Do not wash the piece of wool flannel; keep reusing it. And store it in a bag for the next use so oil does not get all over!

Be careful with your sources of castor oil; castor seeds are often highly sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals that can be toxic. And be sure to check with your doctor before doing a castor oil pack, because some people do experience negative side effects.

Infrared Saunas. These can be especially helpful if you’ve had overexposure to toxins. They encourage cleansing through your pores as the temperature rises and you sweat, bringing toxins to the surface of your skin for elimination as circulation is enhanced. Since our bodies eliminate about a quarter of toxins through skin, you can benefit from further stimulation through this type of detox. The heat encourages the deeper flow of blood and lymph throughout the body, dilating vessels and removing toxins. You’ll be losing fluid as you sit in the high heat, so don’t forget your water before, during and after treatment.

Fascia Release. Ever hear of your fascia? That’s the thin layer of connective tissue under the skin, wrapping every organ and muscle in your body in a warm hug. If you’ve ever noticed the thin, white, filmy layer when you cut into chicken or steak, you’ve seen fascia. Fascia is like a thin cling wrap-like layer that lies like a webbing between the skin and the muscles. It wraps around the entire body and every individual muscle and organ! It also connects the muscles to the joints and bones. It just might be the most important body part you’ve never heard of, and improving its health can be key to detoxification and immune-boosting. Read more, and find a fascia-focused foam roller workout, here