The holidays, in all their frenzied, festivity-filled glory, can sometimes feel like a test to our sanity. The key to coming out the other side unscathed? Relying on a few good cheats—say, a quick crowd-pleasing meal or a go-to gift you can buy in bulk. I asked some time-strapped women in my circle to share how they find peace in the eye of the celebratory storm.

Theresa Dever Attorney

hello mello

My go-to gift these days are the most comfortable and cute pjs in the world by hello mello. My gift to myself? I typically schedule a mani/pedi before Thanksgiving and Christmas. And since we typically host 25 people for those holidays, my husband and I like to do something fun the day after, like a trip to the MFA, the Gardner Museum or the movies. My favorite hostess gift is a Thymes Frasier Fir candle.

Michelle Health- Entrepreneur and Founder, Growth Street


My top holiday travel tip is that I only travel AFTER the holiday! Less stress and people! And my gift to myself is friendsgiving with my girlfriends, and usually a holiday brunch or lunch. I love the holidays and celebrating with food, bubbles and friends! My favorite hostess gift is a Follain candle.

Marta Kagan- Branding Guru and Founder, Martafy

reusable straw set

I always make sure that I hydrate WELL the day before I travel. I hate paper straws but my teeth are too sensitive to drink without one—and I know I’m not alone. I buy these by the dozen so I always have a useful gift on-hand. I have a “go bag” ready so you can stress less (and forget those “little important things” less often). Mine includes travel size toiletries, first aid items, a phone charger, wet wipes, mints, one change of “emergency clothing” (in case of lost luggage), a small pad of paper + pen, reading glasses, a set of airplane-friendly headphones, and my passport. I also throw in a collapsible shopping bag/backpack in case I have to fly home with more stuff than I packed (like this backpack). I also make sure that I hydrate WELL the day before I travel!

Melissa Lorenzo-Herve- Designer and Founder, Pirouette NYC 

vegetable platter on a budget

Reserving an aisle seat is key to travel for obvious reasons, and so are fingerless gloves. Jack & Mary makes the comfiest ones with upcycled cashmere and wool. My go-to gifts are low-maintenance indoor plants like pretty succulents, which serve as a sweet reminder of your friendship. For hostesses, showing up with a pre-assembled cheese board saves your hostess time and gets guests together wine glass in hand. Just make sure to hint ahead of time that you’re bringing apps.

Rachel Solomon- Creative Director and Founder, Honor Code Creative

the union stationer

I love the Union Stationer for creative holiday cards. You can also order correspondence cards as a gift or for yourself to use all year. Season giving you worry lines? I like some mild- ahem- beauty treatments with Dr. Townsend at Skinhealth. And when the holiday eating train goes off the rails, I reset with Melissa st Nourishing Lab! She’s changed the game for me. 

Melissa Akopiantz, Certified Nutrition Practitioner and Founder, Nourishing Lab

by charlotte

I enjoy giving the gift of health and wellness. Have you been running around frantically since Thanksgiving? I like to give my friends something to help them reduce their stress from Primally Pure, such as their salt soak. Since we are all Golden Goddesses, I like to give the gift of divine goddess jewelry by the Australian designer, By Charlotte. Now that is a win, win! Do you want to spread the wealth about the Golden Goddess plate? Give a life changing gift certificate to a friend, spouse or child for an in depth consultation with Nourishing Lab. And remember that now is the most important time to be at peace with your body—and that starts with the mind. Make space for yourself so you can share all your love and light with others.

Happy Holiday’s to all the Golden Goddesses!


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