Imagine: You’re running around getting teachers’ gifts, you haven’t bought a thing for the relatives arriving in a few days, the kids are out of school in two days and your errands list is never-ending. Not to mention the poor dog, who hasn’t had a shred of your attention. Sound familiar? These moments are inevitable this season, but we don’t need to get swept away by them. 

My suggestion? Stop, breathe and reassess. Now is the most important time to be at peace with your body—and that starts with the mind. Make space for yourself so you can share all your love and light with others. Here are a few of my Gutlove tips and tricks that you can add to your regiment so you can enjoy the holidays and all the beauty they have to offer.


Gutlove tip #1: Start a daily check- in.

5 minute journal

Just a few minutes of journal-writing a day can be transformative. You can write about anything but why not start with what you are most grateful for over the holiday season? If you show up for yourself in this simple routine you will notice you show up for others in a more profound way—for stronger connections. 


Gutlove tip #2: Prioritize exercise. 


We all indulge a little here and there (zero guilt!) so it’s important to keep things moving. Whether you walk that neglected dog, take a yoga class, walk to the grocery store or take a barre class, the key is to choose an activity that moves you. 

Just a few minutes of journal-writing a day can be transformative. Click To Tweet

Gutlove tip #3: Practice empathy.


Focusing on how others may feel and extending yourself to them can counter the isolation many experience over the holiday season, while establishing a bond. We truly never know what someone else is experiencing or going through, and the holidays can tap into deep feelings of isolation, especially for those who may be missing a loved one. You never truly know where someone else has walked, but you can stay by their side—and the benefits of empathy always come back to you.


Gutlove tip #4: Eat mindfully.

nourishing lab

Set an intention to enjoy your food. If you decide to splurge, enjoy every bite instead of eating it so quickly so that you think you can fool your brain into thinking it didn’t really eat the food. If you actually stop and enjoy every bite, you may just stop at that one treat, since you’ll feel satisfied. Or split your dessert with someone else so that you have a connection with the person you are sharing it with. The power of connection can create a healthier outcome—in and beyond the moment.


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