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I am so glad you are here right now – and that you have chosen a path to health and wellness! The path is very different for each and every one of us, but we can all achieve our goals through some simple steps.

It is about choosing TRUST over SHAME and FEAR.

Trusting your body (and the messages it sends) is a powerful tool in your healing process. It may be that dull headache or skin flare-ups, or issues such as eczema, bloating, or constipation/diarrhea… These are all messages.

We want to honor our bodies and heed these messages. It’s an SOS that our body needs to heal, and that we need to do something about it. We can become our own personal detectives to discern why our body is out of balance:

• Could it be emotions driving the symptoms – fear, anger, anxiety, depression?
• Could it be a result of leaky gut?
• Could it be from a high sugar diet?
• Could it be a result of lack of sleep and/or stress?

There are many factors (other than diet) that cause the body to become out of balance. While these non-dietary elements can impede our healing, food remains a huge piece of the puzzle. We need to rethink how we approach meals, and look at “CROWDING IN” instead of deprivation and totally removing the foods we enjoy.

Diets of the past are based on fear, shame, anxiety, and deprivation… But it doesn’t need to be this way! It is not about being good vs. bad or strong vs. weak… It’s about simply making choices that work best for you – which is in your POWER when you tap into your inner goddess.


It is my dream that each and every one of you wakes up in the morning ready to tap into your inner goddess – so you can manifest into your Golden Goddess.

We are working toward lasting change, built on passion for yourself and your wellbeing. I am going to help you reframe how you enter this new experience, tapping into your inner goddess so change is not built on fear, but instead built on knowledge, power, and spirituality.

What is you inner goddess?

Your inner goddess is the positive energy you create from eating to support your body, mindfulness to nourish your brain, the inner voice that trusts you to create the part of yourself that is divine light, and your spirit. It is the true essence of who we are!

This is the path:

  1. The voice that is based on trust and love
  2. Your aura of beauty and love
  3. Love yourself and be your own best friend
  4. Knowing: “I matter just as much as the person next person to me”
  5. Knowing: “I am love”
  6. Loving your body in all its forms, to move and nourish your body
  7. Nourishing your soul
  8. Knowing you have all the answers within yourself
  9. Knowing you have the power to heal yourself
  10. Leading with love

Who is your Golden Goddess? Aphrodite, Frigga, Hathor, Hera, Juno, Parvati, or Venus (to name a few)? Whichever goddess you choose on your path to healing, it’s the right choice for you. Listen to you inner goddess to channel this thought process.

When we listen to our inner goddess, we can begin to trust ourselves. That is where the true healing begins, and where the beautiful Golden Goddess comes to light. You will transcend unhealthy patterns and behaviors by incorporating Nourishing Labs 4 Golden Pillars to achieve super soul status.

Wouldn’t it be nice to release negative patterns surrounding food and health? Let’s begin by “CROWDING IN” my 4 Golden Pillars. “Crowding in” refers to the process of adding these 4 nutrient-dense pillars that will nourish and heal your body – so it will no longer crave the highly processed foods it has become addicted to.



Golden Pillar 1

Fabulous Fiber

This is essentially how you reign supreme as a Golden Goddess – with fiber in the form of:

  • Activated nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Greens
  • Beans
  • Avocados
  • Flax
  • Chia

All of these fabulous fibers regulate your blood sugar levels, remove toxins from your body, are anti-inflammatory, provide food for the good bacteria in the gut (which helps keep you regular), and helps the body produce butyrate (which helps prevent cancer and is anti-inflammatory).

Did anyone ever tell you that you ate too many greens? Leafy greens like kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and collard greens are highly anti-inflammatory and rich in phytonutrients for healthy skin and hair – so that your inner AND outer goddess benefit. The leafy greens all feed the good bacteria in your gut (check out my 8-day GUTLOVE program to learn more).

This is nature’s way of feeding your soul with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to prevent premature aging, to strengthen your immune system, and protect your mental and physical goddess.

By adding fiber to our Golden Goddess bodies, we slow the breakdown of carbohydrates, so that blood sugar levels don’t spike too quickly.

Golden Pillar 2

Pure Protein

Adding high quality protein to your plate is going to get you one step closer to super soul status. I am not talking about just any protein, but proteins that help rebuild tissue after a workout, are involved in digestive health, are important for skin health, provide fuel for the brain, are involved in hormone production, and help rebuild collagen.

Who wouldn’t want to incorporate these types of protein on their Golden Goddess plate? They include:

  • Activated nuts
  • Seeds – pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (high source of calcium too!)
  • Grass fed beef
  • Pasture raised eggs
  • Lentils

I suggest buying grass fed beef because factory farmed beef is injected with antibiotics and hormones to treat infection, and to bulk them up. This leads to fatty liver disease, bloating, and other diseases. Grass fed beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids (5 times the amount as conventional beef), B vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin E, iron, and zinc.

Zinc should be incorporated into you Golden Goddess routines. Most of us are deficient in this trace mineral, but it’s important for immunity, blood sugar balance, reduces inflammation and aids in digestion. Of course, I always suggest talking with you doctor before taking any supplements.

I am often asked: “How much protein should I eat?”

For a woman of 120 pounds, the typical baseline of protein intake is 44 grams, but one can go as high as 90 grams a day. There are so many factors involved, and I would have to work with someone one-on-one to determine the exact ideal amount. Your physiologic state, nutritional state, genetics, stress levels, and level of exercise all affect the amount of protein intake that will get you to Golden Goddess status.

Golden Pillar 3

First Class Fats
So many fats have been demonized over the years, and that makes things confusing…

“First class” fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil and MCT oil – as well as cold water fish, ground flax, walnuts, and tahini – are important for the inner goddess to flourish. Healthy fats help every cell in your body, especially your brain. Without fat, the brain cannot function! It actually consists of 60% fat.

Healthy fats also provide satiety so you feel full longer – which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

MCT oil is found in coconut oil, but can be purchased separately. It has a positive effect on fat burning and weight reduction, provides instant energy (which is great for your goddess workouts), and does not require bile for digestion like all other fats… It goes straight to the liver for fuel!

These healthy fats do not make you gain weight. We store too much fat as a result of one or more of these reasons below:

  1. Chronic stress, which also leads to elevated cortisol levels
  2. High fructose intake
  3. Excess alcohol
  4. Late night eating
  5. Highly reactive foods like gluten and dairy
  6. High impact sugar foods and drinks
  7. High carbohydrate foods combined with a high fat diet

Golden Pillar 4

Glorious Greens

They are not only an amazing source of soluble and insoluble fiber, but vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help keep you regular, strengthen your immune system and protect your overall health. They will provide resistant starch to feed your healthy gut microbiome, as well as provide phytonutrients.

I am talking about all deep colored veggies, such as broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, romaine, and spinach will add vitamins and minerals to your diet. The bonus is that magnesium is found in these veggies and that has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity.

Have you ever been “hangry” even though you ate 2 hours before? Do you get cranky around 3pm? Do you hold weight around your waist?

These could all be signs that you are ingesting too many high impact sugar and processed foods, and not enough of the 4 Golden Pillars.

Harnessing the Golden Goddess within is possible for anyone, and it all starts with the food you put into your body. The path to physical and mental wellbeing is paved with good habits, the 4 Golden Pillars of nutrition, and a mindset of love!

Here are some amazing recipes to get you started on your journey:

Banana Cacao Muffins
GutLove Breakfast Bowl
Sauteed Chicken and Kale Salad with Tahini Herb Dressing
Nourishing Lab Cauliflower Pizza

Find the Golden Goddess that lives within you, and set her free!

Sending you love and light!



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