Embracing a “whole foods” lifestyle is fantastic! Now, if only finding the time to make it a reality were as easy…

My key to success lies in meal prepping. This involves setting aside dedicated time to cook substantial amounts of nutritious food in advance, strategically planned for use throughout the week. This way, after a busy afternoon shuttling my kids between tae-kwon-do and dance lessons, I don’t come home to empty plates staring at me, tempting me to opt for something quick and processed.

Here are some effective strategies for preparing meals for the entire week:

  1. Stock up on Seasonal Veggies:
    • Embrace seasonal variety, like Brussels sprouts in winter, broccoli and asparagus in spring, or zucchini in summer. These veggies, when baked or steamed, retain their integrity and can even be repurposed for breakfast. Incorporate them into omelets for sustained blood sugar levels.
    • Explore creative broccoli recipes here.
  2. Cook Double or Triple Batches of Grains:
  3. Dips and Spreads:
  4. Load Up on Snack Bags:
    • Be proactive with your snack choices. Prepare your own snack bags with trail mix (opt for a homemade version to avoid added sugar), nuts, seeds, seaweed snacks, chia seeds, granola, dark chocolate chips, and organic popcorn.
    • Try a fantastic granola recipe here
    • Dark Chocolate Trail Mix
  5. Prepare a Batch of Homemade Dressing:

With a bit of preparation one day a week, maintaining a healthy meal routine for your whole family becomes a manageable task!

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