Homemade Nutella

Nutella has advertised for many years that their gooey, chocolatey, sugar loaded spread is healthy. The makers of Nutella, Ferrero, Inc. has sold their spread as a nourishing breakfast option but neglected to mention that in a teaspoon there can be up to 21 grams of sugar. This is far beyond the recommended daily intake for sugar, according to the World Health Organization. The WHO recommends, Americans should limit their sugar intake to 25 grams per day.

Well, since we all cannot just have one teaspoon on our morning toast, we will have exceeded our sugar intake at breakfast!

Consumers decided to take action against Ferrero for their false advertising. The consumers received a $3.05 million settlement. Holy Toledo!

DO NOT FRET!! I have found a truly healthier alternative.

It took me quite a few attempts but I finally nailed it, according to my discerning daughter who is a Nutella connoisseur.

You can eat this guilt free!