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My Story

The beginning of my story is one that is all too common among women. In my teenage years, I was plagued with a negative body image and crushing insecurities, which manifested in the form of anorexia. Moving into my adult years, I continued to struggle with food. I sought solutions through misguided diets, falling into the cycle of deprivation, indulgence, and guilt. I knew that something needed to change. The final push into embracing a nourishing lifestyle came when two of my children suffered life-threatening accidents and my diagnosis of IBS and Hashimoto’s disease. Then and there, I transformed my relationship with food and health, recognizing that nutrition is a critical tool for lasting wellness and would be the key for my own transformation, as well as my children’s recoveries. My life-long relationship with nutrition and health has developed over the years and has become more balanced with age.

Through my own personal experience and review of the literature, it is my opinion that when seeking lasting healthy solutions, diets do not work. They deprive you of important macronutrients and lead you into a perpetual cycle of cravings, overeating, under-eating, and splurging—without a clear understanding of why our bodies feel that way. Taking notice of your emotional and physical cues are integral to a lasting and sustainable lifestyle.