Are you feeling “heavy,” tired, or somewhat toxic?

Even if you stuck to the Golden Goddess Plate and a generally active lifestyle this summer (hiking, biking, etc), other factors could have derailed your system. Things like stress, too much caffeine or travel, which can make your digestion sluggish. I have good news, though! Some simple changes can help you get back on track. You deserve to feel more energized, reboot your digestion and get back to feeling like yourself.

I often feel derailed when traveling, or even just during summer. It’s so much easier to throw in the towel and go all out, splurging here and there. However, I’m still in the process of healing, so when I indulge or travel too much, my system truly takes ten steps back. (I’ve mentioned I have active EBV, Lyme, and have suffered from parasites, heavy metal toxicity, PTSD and the rare disease systemic mastocytosis.) 

Adhering to a 90/10 rule of thumb helps me: 90% of the time I’m on target and I deviate from that for the other 10%. Everyone is different, but for me, I feel that it’s not worth certain splurges only to end up bedridden and in pain a day later. Each of us has a choice to make; there isn’t one correct path. You know your own body and have the freedom to choose your pleasures. Even “guilty” pleasures, no judgment!

So how do we get back on track after these indulgences? These tips can help:

  1. Identify what you’ve been doing differently lately. Have you been eating lots of sugary or salty foods? Are you under stress with in-laws, work or family?
  2. My first go-to is a morning Golden Goddess Smoothie to balance out my blood sugar levels for the day. You can download my GutLove smoothie guide here. These smoothies will reignite your metabolism, calm any inflammation and crush any of those persistent cravings.
  3. Try my 5-day Gut Love Reset. The meals are easy to prep and packed with protein and veggies. This program will help balance your blood sugar levels and help you feel full longer, so you can tap into those fat reserves and burn a bit off. Even if you’re on the run, you can go to a Dig Inn, Spyce or Sweet Greens for a nourishing meal. Order wild sockeye salmon, roasted chicken or roasted veggies over greens. You’ll feel full and energized.
  4. Get moving. Exercise releases toxins and helps your blood and lymphatic system detoxify. 
  5. You can always speed up the detox process in a sauna. My favorite kind is an infrared sauna, which emits infrared light to heal you. The rays penetrate on a cellular level, which increases blood flow and oxygenation, facilitates removal of toxins from the skin, eliminates aches and pains, acts as an immune booster, and aids in weight loss. You can find infrared saunas at local gyms, massage therapy centers or sauna centers. I visit a sauna twice a week for at least 15-20 minutes (or longer if possible).


Try these tips and get on the road to feeling better soon! As always, I’m here if you need help on your road to healing.