nourishing lab

It’s finally here! The season of renewal and celebrating longer days. A season that can really inspire us to use our creative energy to bring goals to life.  It’s totally natural to feel a little unstable during the transition, but bodies have the amazing ability to correct themselves, to heal, change, and grow to support whatever we are going through.

Think of if this way: if you break a bone, your body sends the appropriate proteins to heal it. If you get a cut, it sends in anti-inflammatory chemicals. That’s the beauty of the human body—it’s always working to find equilibrium.

After a long winter, it makes sense to want to get back into shape. Holiday eating, snowstorms, a general desire to stay cozy inside—all these things cause many of us to gain some extra bulk in those colder months. And bodies tend to hold onto more weight during the winter, a biological result of a time when humans needed that extra fat to keep us warm. With spring and its warmer temperatures, the body naturally wants to shed the excess pounds.

“We are about long term health built on lasting change!” 

Now about those diet fads out there. Keto, Paleo, Atkins, or any other diet that entirely removes certain food groups leaves your body at a loss. There are certain times that I’ll recommend the Keto or Paleo diet for someone who has been undergoing specific health issues, but my research shows these diets are just not sustainable over long periods of time. At Nourishing Lab, we’re about long-term health built on lasting change. At its core, maintaining health is not about restrictions or crash detoxes but about whole, nutritious food, exercise, and rest. (And plenty of it all!)

So how do we enjoy the springtime and reset our mindsets without throwing our bodies out of whack?

  1. Nourish yourself with the balanced, wholesome goodness of the Golden Goddess Plate 
  2. Opt for clean beauty products that are free of toxins. Not sure where to get started? Check out Boston-based clean beauty retailer Follain or BeautyCounter’s super informative Never List of chemicals to avoid.

  1. Find your place of healing, whether that be your bedroom, a park bench, the gym, the library.
  2. Turn off electronics and reconnect to life without technology, even for a little while each day.
  3. Add herbs. Show your body some love by incorporating herbs to support your liver and remove toxins. Milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion root, artichoke leaf and yellow dock are all great natural options.
  4. Explore crystals. Some people question their healing power, but it just depends on your own experience. If you’re open to the the power they can have, you can use them to manifest your intentions and creative energy. This beginner’s guide to crystals is the perfect place to get learning.

  1. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditation cultivates mindfulness, relieves stress and anxiety, and heightens awareness of our thoughts and feelings.
  2. Listen to your body, and that means paying attention to both the good and bad. A few things to ask yourself: Am I experiencing greater or diminished energy? Do I have sugar or salt cravings? Am I moving my bowels regularly? Do I have more mood swings than usual? Do I experience brain fog?
  3. Think positively about your health journey. You can eat right and exercise, but negative thoughts will sabotage your healing. As I like to say, show yourself and your body an attitude of gratitude.