2019 Nourishing Lab Approved Products

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Explore this list of Nourishing Labs approved products and books! I have read or tried every product or book on this list, and I feel totally confident recommending each to you. These books all provided new insights into being a better practitioner, and you know how much I love eco-friendly and reliable products!

I hope these serve you as well as they’ve served me. If there’s something on this list you try and enjoy, please let me know. I’ve handpicked everything here, and I know you’ll find them as useful, insightful, and valuable as I do!

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Probiotics: Are They All The Hype?

The probiotics industry has seen a boom in the past decade – without much research to validate
their efficacy. We have all been told that we should take probiotics, especially after we are
prescribed antibiotics… But is this really helpful to our delicate microbiome? Could it be hurtful?

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Health Trends: Predictions for 2019

Are you feeling overstressed and burnt out? Welcome to the tribe! We are all overworked and stressed out, and all the while, we’re overusing technology and trying to keep up with everyone else’s seemingly perfect lives… And yet, people are also more in tune with wellness than previous generations.
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