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  • Oct

    Ayruvedic One-a-Day


      Your green-juice-a-day habit just got hotter. I just tried this recipe and am amazed by how filling and delicious it is. This is from my friends at Well and Good. Here are the benefits to the green juice you are supposed to drink warm: Meet the Ayurvedic One-a-Day, a green juic…

  • Sep

    All-Natural Beauty Startups Are Thriving Around…


        Are you looking for all-natural, non-toxic beauty products? We do not need to look to LA or NYC anymore for toxic free products. We have them right at our finger tips thanks to some local business savy women who want to change the face of the industry. Here is a copy of the art…

  • Sep

    Fermentation Frenzy: Foods for A Healthy Gut

    bowl of sauerkraut on rustic wood

      Your gut is home to 100 trillion microorganisms! Maintaining these microflora is essential to your overall health, and has a huge impact on your whole body. While many people think that the healthiest foods are always the freshest, the probiotic properties of fermented food are…

  • Sep

    California Bans Plastic Microbeads

    Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.19.40 PM

    I wanted to share this article featured in Allure Magazine. The ban of plastic microbeads in skincare products is a huge step in product safety and environmental sustainability: Last week, the California State Assembly passed a measure that would ban the use of plastic microbeads in per…