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  • Feb

    The Beauty Of Imperfection


    At Nourishing Lab, we learn to embrace our imperfections and honor them… We allow for the looseness of a life well lived - easing up on rules, constraints, and expectations. The beauty lies in the imperfection of our bodies… With all its cravings, hormonal imbalances, intermitten…

  • Jan

    The Food Intolerance That May Be The Root Of Yo…

    histamine intolerance

      Many foods deemed healthy can actually be high in histamines, including red wine, citrus fruits, cured meats, and aged cheese. Of course, these foods sound healthy to some people, but for others, they can cause a plethora of issues: anxiety, migraines, hives, acid reflux, abdominal…

  • Jan

    Probiotics: Are They All The Hype?

    fermented food

    The probiotics industry has seen a boom in the past decade - without much research to validate their efficacy. We have all been told that we should take probiotics, especially after we are prescribed antibiotics… But is this really helpful to our delicate microbiome? Could it be hurtful? …

  • Jan

    Health Trends: Predictions for 2019

    brain healthy eggs

    Are you feeling overstressed and burnt out? Welcome to the tribe! We are all overworked and stressed out, and all the while, we’re overusing technology and trying to keep up with everyone else’s seemingly perfect lives… And yet, people are also more in tune with wellness than previous ge…