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  • Mar

    The Coffee Conundrum

    coffee with latte art

    The subject of coffee and health has been a topic discussed forever in the media. Is it a healthy addition to your daily diet? I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I did not start drinking it until after I had my three children. I then became quite obsessed with my daily coffee inta…

  • Feb

    Hormonal Balance or Imbalance?

    the beauty of nature

    Do you have or have you experienced in the past six months: A feeling you are constantly racing from one task to the next? Feeling wired yet tired? Difficulty falling asleep or disrupted sleep? A feeling of anxiety or nervousness? Memory lapses or feeling distracted? Sugar cravin…

  • Dec

    A Healthy New Year

    photo courtesy of Brooke Muggia

    Wait STOP!! Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment of the holiday season... Ahhhhh! Doesn't that feel better. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you as we approach the end to 2014: 1. My top read for any woman feeling moody, tapped out, dried up and stressed out and sleep deprived -…

  • Oct

    Freshman 15

    Refined sugar in bag on wooden background

    Why do college age students tend to gain this so called "freshmen 15?" Are they eating later at night? Are they consuming more alcoholic beverages? Are you worried about the drugs and alcohol your teenager may be exposed to on campus? A student may not necessarily gain 15lbs. or ev…