Summer whispers adventure – new places, cultural experiences, and of course, delicious and refreshing treats. But let’s be honest, travel can also disrupt our healthy habits and our gut (ahem.. hello, constipation). Between airport snacks, restaurant indulgences, and those tempting cocktails, it’s easy to feel our waistlines expanding faster than we would like.

Fear not, golden warriors! Here’s how to conquer summer travel without sacrificing your health (or your taste buds!):

Pack Smart for your Journey:

  • Snack Prep: Pre-portion healthy snacks in mason jars like nuts, dark chocolate, veggie sticks, and seed crackers, such as Top Seedz. Pasture-raised hard-boiled eggs and coconut yogurt, such as Cocojune are lifesavers for long journeys or unexpected delays.
  • Hydration is Key: Pack a reusable water bottle and sip regularly. Dehydration can mimic hunger pangs, so staying hydrated keeps you feeling energized. Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces of distilled or filtered water. I love to add in PiqueLife BT Fountain electrolytes formulated with chelated electrolytes, and full spectrum minerals for deep hydration. They also include premium hyaluronic acid and ceramides to increase moisture retention and strengthen skin barrier. In a clinical trial, individuals using this proprietary of ceramides saw a reduction in wrinkles and increase in skin elasticity in 30 days!

Restaurant Rendezvous:

  • Do Your Research: Many restaurants offer healthy options online. Look for dishes grilled, baked, or steamed, and don’t hesitate to request substitutions like steamed veggies instead of fries.
  • A Shareable Strategy: Instead of ordering a whole plate of fries for yourself, propose a “shareable” option! Suggest ordering a large portion to be split amongst the table. This way, everyone can enjoy a taste without overdoing it.
  • Nourishing Tidbit: Consume protein first and carbohydrates after. A healthy alternative to devouring the bread basket before your meal is to ask for the bread basket to be served AFTER your protein-rich appetizer. Starting with a protein-rich appetizer and then diving into the bread basket will help slow down the spike in your blood sugar levels. Who knows, you may not even want to indulge in the bread basket after your appetizer and instead may opt to indulge in dessert.

Indulge Wisely:

  • Plan Your Splurges: Factor in some local specialties or favorite vacation treats. Savor the experience, but balance it out with the Golden Goddess Plate throughout the day.
  • Toast Responsibly: Aim for moderation or add in mocktails, such asThe Mocktail Maven Hibiscus Iced Tea the next time you are enjoying a meal with friends or family (your liver will love you).

Nourishing Tip:

  • Farmer’s Market Magic: When possible, explore farmers markets or grocery stores for fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re a delicious, affordable way to stay healthy and experience local flavors.Here are some local markets:
    1. MassFarmer’s Market
    2. Boston Magazine

    It’s all about balance. Enjoy the freedom and fun of summer travel, but keep these tips in mind to make healthy choices a natural part of your adventures. You’ll return home with amazing memories and a golden glow!

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