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  • Nov

    5 Meals for Radiant Skin

    sweet potato with lime relish

     The truth is we all want beautiful and radiant skin. Right? Well, the old saying, "You are what you eat" may actually have some truth to it. There are many factors that contribute to glowing skin that everyone strives for, including but not limited to genetics. Often the causes of a…

  • Nov

    Clean Beauty and Why It’s Important

    Lemons are great for healthy skin and healthy digestion

    We do our best to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but have you thought about the beauty care products you use every day - or what might be in them? Would you be surprised to learn that there is an utter lack of policy in this country about what chemicals can be put in our personal care pro…

  • Oct

    Ayruvedic One-a-Day

     Your green-juice-a-day habit just got hotter. I just tried this recipe and am amazed by how filling and delicious it is.This is from my friends at Well and Good. Here are the benefits to the green juice you are supposed to drink warm:Meet the Ayurvedic One-a-Day, a green juice/so…

  • Sep

    All-Natural Beauty Startups Are Thriving Around…

    non toxic lipstick

      Are you looking for all-natural, non-toxic beauty products? We do not need to look to LA or NYC anymore for toxic free products. We have them right at our finger tips thanks to some local business savy women who want to change the face of the industry. Here is a copy of the art…