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  • Sep

    Is Your Blood Sugar Balance Making You Gain Wei…

    healthy eating

    Food is so much more important than we give it credit for. The right diet is the difference between feeling sluggish, gaining weight, and losing focus – or harnessing the power we have within to look and feel our best, and embrace life with health and happiness. I often talk about how…

  • Mar

    How To Stay Centered During Travel

    March brings spring break - and that means many of us (if we are fortunate enough to travel) will be headed to beautiful, sunny destinations, taking to the slopes, or embarking on a hiking adventure… These trips sound amazing, but also require getting on a plane… Flying triggers my …

  • Mar

    Simple Steps To Break Your Sugar Cravings

    break your sugar habit

    Do you consistently have sugar cravings? Do you dream of carbs, sweets, chocolate, soda, pastries, and candy? Do you feel like a failure because you can’t seem to control them? There isn’t just anxiety and stress from the temptation - the actual eating of the sugary sweet stresses your…

  • Feb

    How To Prioritize Your Health


    My clients often ask me how I stay healthy when I have such a crazy schedule, and don’t have time to make meals ahead of time. Since so many others struggle with finding the time to be healthy, I will share a few practical tips (and some homework) to help guide you to prioritizing your he…