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Healthy eating would be a lot easier if someone cleaned out our fridge for us. But it is not as difficult as it seems with my gutlove pantry guide- if high fat, high salt and low fiber choices are out of sight then they are out of mind.

Being prepared with your gutloving and healthy ingredients in the fridge and your pantry is important to keep you on track with your health goals- long-term sustained health. When your fridge is stocked this will make it easier for you to meal prep and you won’t crave those foods that are not so healthy for your gut.

I will be running a “Guide To Stocking Your Fridge and Pantry” in the New Year that will include steps for success, tips for storage, organizing your pantry etc. If you are committed to your health, which I know you all are, then you will want to sign up for this comprehensive guide. Here is a sneak peak at my Gutloving Pantry staples:

Pantry Staples:

Bob’s Red Mill Products

Otto’s Naturals Cassava Flour

365 Coconut Sugar

Navitas Organic Chia Seeds

Navitas Natural Maca Powder

Navitas Flax Seeds

Navitas Hemp Seeds

Navitas Cocoa Powder

Barleans Flax Oil

365 Tahini

Beverages and Protein Powders

Nutiva Hemp Protein

Naked Whey

Amazing Grass

CocoLibre Coconut Water


San-J Low Sodium Wheat Free Tamari Sauce

Green Mountain Salsa

Oils And Vinegars

Nutiva MCT Oil

Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Bionature Balsamic Vinegar

Links to help you get inspired and organized:
Martha Stewart
The Home Edit

Sending love and light,

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