Mindful eating doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. Transforming your diet can be a journey of patience and small, impactful changes. Adding healthy practices like oil pulling, mindfulness, or even just including some kale in your daily meals – these choices pave the way for a “newer you,” one that prioritizes self-love and gratitude.

Forget fad diets – embrace your body’s wisdom. Restrictive plans often fail because they disconnect you from your body’s natural cues. Cravings are messages, not enemies! The key lies in understanding them. Craving sugar? Choose whole fruit over candy. Want something salty? Opt for veggie chips instead of potato chips. These choices impact your energy, mood, and well-being.

The good news? Healthy alternatives exist for most cravings!

Here’s a roadmap to mindful swaps:

Potatoes —————> Cauliflower

Pasta ————–> Zoodles

Corn chips ————–> grain-free (cassava flour) chips

Cereal ————–> Golden Goddess Smoothie

Dairy milk ————->nut milk

Iceberg lettuce ———–> kale, spinach or any greens

Soda ———–> carbonated water (add your own flavors such as strawberries, lemons or limes)

Canola oil ———–> ghee or coconut oil

Tofu ————> sprouted beans

Sugar ————> coconut sugar

Leave me a message on how you insta-nourish yourself with gutloving foods.

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