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During the holiday season, it’s difficult to stay balanced – even with the best intentions. To balance out the hors d’oeuvres and desserts, I have some healthier lunch ideas that will help you feel better after a night of indulgence!

Let’s dig right in.

1. Creamy Tahini Salad with Smoked Paprika Chicken

(Adapted from Exploring Healthy Foods)

This is a perfect recipe for lunch or dinner. It’s filled with clean protein, loads of veggies, and healthy fats – all to stabilize blood sugar levels.

2. The Best Detox Lentil Soup

(Adapted from Pinch of Yum)

Winter is here – and our bodies crave soups! This is a perfect detox soup with one of my favorite proteins: lentils. This is a hearty meal that will be filling, comforting, and easy on your digestive system after a night of over-indulging.

3. The Ivy Chopped Salad

(Adapted from Goop)

This interpretation of “The Ivy Salad” is from Goop’s My Father’s Daughter cookbook. It’s a detox-friendly combo of delicious hot and cold ingredients, and perfect after a weekend filled with holiday parties.

4. Sushi Nori Bowl

I highly recommend this delicious salad with detoxifying seaweed and clean protein to balance blood sugars.

These healthy meals are light enough to keep your energy up, filling enough to get you through the afternoon or evening, and full of great ingredients that will get your body back on track after the indulgence that comes along with holiday festivities!

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