A Nourished Life with Mary Kaye Chryssicas



I am excited to introduce to you the first in my fitness profile series, “A Nourished Life.” The “A Nourished Life” series will profile local experts in the health and wellness field. I will hand pick a squad of healthy minded instructors who are passionate about living the most nourishing life possible. They will share with you their secrets, their set backs, their mission and their personal journey. I hope it will inspire you to live a life that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

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How To Become A Meal Prep Sensation!

meal prep

In an ideal world you would open up your fridge to everything lined and stored perfectly. But let’s be realistic we are all busy so we need to plan and be organized.

Healthy eating would be a lot easier if someone cleaned out our fridge for us. But it is not as difficult as it seems- if high fat, high salt and low fiber choices are out of sight then they are out of mind.

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