apple pie

Heading to a holiday party this season? Before you start worrying about all the delicious treats (and the consequences that come with them), remember there are steps you can take to eat healthier over the holidays!

These five tips will help you take a different approach this holiday season. You’ll be able to go to the party without anxiety, and instead be full of confidence about making smart, healthy choices.

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Lemons are great for healthy skin and healthy digestion

We do our best to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but have you thought about the beauty care products you use every day – or what might be in them? Would you be surprised to learn that there is an utter lack of policy in this country about what chemicals can be put in our personal care products?


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holiday party

It’s that time of year again – December is filled with holiday parties, and sometimes, overindulgence. We are determined to enjoy ourselves this month, but want to feel balanced as well. Here are some useful tips to navigate the endless parties this season without giving up your cheer!

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sugar serving size

Most of us have a general understanding that “sugar is bad,” and that we shouldn’t consume too much of it. We know it’s bad for our teeth, we know it’s related to diabetes, and that it contributes to weight gain…

But are we really that careful about how much we consume? Even for the people who are acutely aware that they should be monitoring how much sugar they eat, they might be overlooking one critical step: serving size.

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coconut water

The clear liquid from inside young, green coconuts is known as “coconut water,” and makes for a wonderful, delicious, nutritious drink!

Coconut water is a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes (like potassium, magnesium, and sodium), and phytonutrients. These qualities make it an effective (and yummy) method for treating and preventing dehydration – especially for young athletes!

While coconut water is an excellent thirst quencher, there are definitely some things to consider before making it your everyday beverage of choice.

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