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  • Oct

    Ayruvedic One-a-Day


      Your green-juice-a-day habit just got hotter. I just tried this recipe and am amazed by how filling and delicious it is. This is from my friends at Well and Good. Here are the benefits to the green juice you are supposed to drink warm: Meet the Ayurvedic One-a-Day, a green juic…

  • Oct

    Bone Broth: A Cool Weather Superfood


    With autumn upon us, our bodies naturally crave warmer foods. Who doesn’t love that sensation of hot, hardy food in their belly? It warms you from the inside out, and helps you feel cozy even when the weather outside gets nasty… But what about physical benefits? How can we treat ourselv…

  • Oct

    Energy Boosting Snacks To Keep You Going All Da…


    Little twinges of hunger can strike at nearly any point during the day, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy a snack between meals to maintain energy and keep that nagging hunger at bay. Unfortunately though, most of the “quick fix” foods we have available to us today are filled with emp…

  • Sep

    9 Recipes We Rely On To Stay Healthy

    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.07.33 PM

      Do you want some quick and easy tricks and recipes for staying healthy this Fall? Check out my friends at EPICURIOUS.COM and their tasty suggestions. READ NOW…