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  • Dec

    Healthy Sports Drink

    healthy sports drink

     Did you just return from an intense workout at the gym or attend a Soul Cycle class? You probably broke a good sweat and are feeling great but a bit dehydrated.  When you sweat during your workouts, you loose essential minerals and electrolytes. Replacing and replenishing these los…

  • Nov

    Warm Turmeric Milk

    Have you ever heard of turmeric milk? If not you are in for a real treat. This time of year with winter quickly approaching our immune systems need a little TLC to ward of those nasty colds and flus. Here is my little secret to beating the cold before it takes over.Turmeric is consider…

  • Nov

    IBS: More Common Than You Think


     IBS, short for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is characterized by a cluster of symptoms: gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, mucus in your stool — and often, pain and cramping.It may be caused by extreme stress, mental health issues (anxiety, depression, or panic disorders), …

  • Oct

    Ayruvedic One-a-Day

     Your green-juice-a-day habit just got hotter. I just tried this recipe and am amazed by how filling and delicious it is.This is from my friends at Well and Good. Here are the benefits to the green juice you are supposed to drink warm:Meet the Ayurvedic One-a-Day, a green juice/so…