My Nourishing Journey

My story starts with struggle: negative teenage body image manifesting as anorexia. Cycles of deprivation, indulgence and guilt marked my young adulthood, culminating with diagnoses of IBS and Hashimoto’s disease after my children suffered life-threatening accidents. Then, an epiphany: Nutrition is key to recovery and transformation, from the inside out.

From there, I sought wellness in every aspect of my life, including my career. I completed studies with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in October 2014, and continue to work on my Master’s in Nutrition (MS) and Registered Dietician (RD) degrees. I’ve studied over 100 dietary theories and worked closely with acupuncturists, osteopaths and doctors to gain a better understanding of the bio-individuality of our bodies and how nutrition plays a key role in disease and prevention.

At home, I practice what I preach. Though my teenage children must walk their own paths to wellness, it can’t hurt to stock the pantry with apples, not Cheetos. I watch them reap the daily rewards of nutrient-dense foods, and I take what they teach me about the journey to my work with clients.

My Nourishing Philosophy

We are all fantastically flawed. Peak wellness requires learning to embrace those flaws, quiet our inner critics and become the best versions of ourselves. Here are my guideposts.

Diets: not the Solution. 

Experience and science tell us diets don’t work. They deprive you of important macronutrients and lead you into a perpetual cycle of cravings, overeating, under-eating and splurging. Instead, taking notice of emotional and physical cues are key to sustainable health.

Self-Compassion Works. 

That means treating ourselves with the same empathy and forgiveness we would offer a loved one or friend when we fail, with three points in mind:

  1. Self-kindness is a form of mindful awareness, opening our hearts to our own suffering so we can comfort ourselves.
  2. Common humanity allows us to open our hearts to others’ suffering.
  3. Mindfulness allows us to experience the present moment with greater ease and acceptance.

Meditation Facilitates Mindfulness. 

Meditation has changed my life. Mindfully acknowledging the passing of all thoughts—and dismissing self-deprecating ones—relieves anxiety and stress, and lets us manage maladaptive behaviors. Successful meditation practice takes time to develop. I started five minutes a day with a guided meditation and built my practice from there.

Our Nourishing Mission

I am a passionate wellness advocate who partners with teenagers and adults. I empower my clients to live healthy, well-rounded lives with personalized strategies encompassing nutrition, relationships, career and self-love. My core mission is to align these factors by fostering healthy choices for each individual. As someone who has worked hard to create a healthy life for myself and my family, I understand that the most challenging step is often the first one—but with Nourishing Lab, you will never walk alone.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): since 2013
American Dietetics Association (ADA): since 2012


AADP Certified since 2018
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York City (2013)
Professional Training and Certification Program
Lifestyle Medicine: Tools for Promoting Healthy Change,
Harvard Medical School (June, 2012), Evolution of Medicine Summit (2014)