The choice to eat more mindfully doesn’t need to mean an overnight overhaul of your dietary choices. Undoing less-than-healthy habits takes time and patience. The good news? It really is the smallest of changes that can deliver the greatest impact. Adding oil pulling or mindfulness or kale to one meal a day—each of these small choices and changes actually creates a newer you, centered on gratitude and self-love.

There are many fad diets out there that can’t deliver on sustainable, lasting change because they don’t let you learn to listen and respond healthfully to your body’s internal food clues. After all, cravings are communication from our bodies—the trick is in learning how to answer them. Do we feed our craving for sugar with candy or whole fruit? A hankering for salt with potato chips or veggie chips? Those choices fuel how we move, think, feel and react—will we crash or flourish?

More good news: For every craving, there’s a healthy choice that can satisfy while sustaining our energy. Here are a few. 


Potatoes —————> Cauliflower

Pasta ————–> Zoodles

Corn chips ————–> grain-free (cassava flour) chips

cassava flour

Cereal ————–> Golden Goddess Smoothie

Dairy milk ————->nut milk

nutmilkIceberg lettuce ———–> kale, spinach or any greens

Soda ———–> carbonated water (add your own flavors such as strawberries, lemons or limes)

infused waterCanola oil ———–> ghee or coconut oil

coconut oilTofu ————> sprouted beans

sprouted beans

Sugar ————> coconut sugar

coconut sugar

Leave me a message on how you insta-nourish yourself with gutloving foods.


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