As we enter the season of celebration, gratitude is an essential way to cultivate joy—not the artificial happiness so often promoted by our consumer-driven culture (I’m looking at you, Elf on the Shelf), but true inner joy and contentment. 

There’s science supporting the practice of gratitude, even (especially) when things aren’t going our way. Noticing and celebrating even small moments like the sunrise or a kind word can help reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen emotional resilience and immunity, and deepen mind-body health. It does take practice—think of gratitude as a daily habit, like brushing your teeth or taking a supplement. Deepak Chopra suggests writing down three things you’re grateful for each day, including specific detail and acknowledging the sheer number of people who bring you gratitude. 

autumn sunrise

There’s science supporting the practice of gratitude, even (especially) when things aren’t going our way. Click To Tweet

Gratitude practice is the perfect chance to honor your body and its incredible feats. Our choices when we eat, then, can also serve as a reflection of that gratitude. This month, I’ll share more tips on eating mindfully, choosing Golden Goddess Plate-approved foods that cultivate gratitude and health. 

Thank you for reading. Having you along for this journey is always a source of gratitude for me. Off to write in my gratitude journal! 



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