Are you a sugar addict?

Well, I sure was as a teen! I lived on Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, M&M’s, cookies, etc. We had a pantry specifically designated for all the sugary and processed foods. I mean… There was sugar everywhere in our pantry, not to mention the famous secret candy dish.

We had another closet stocked with Captain Crunch, Froot Loops, Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, and Coco Pops… Captain Crunch was my favorite, though my “favorite” often changed according to the prize the cereal box.

My mother had so many hiding places to deter us from indulging in these sugary snacks… As well as the Coke and Sprite. Finding her hiding places became an obsession. It made it that much more enticing to search for the snacks that were deemed “off limits” except for special occasions. However, because they were off limits, the idea of eating sugar seemed bad and secretive.

It has taken me years and years to understand balance and listening to my body’s signals. I now understand that eating sugar is not necessarily bad – that if I’m craving something sugary, it’s a message from my body.

Many people write about quitting sugar, but I want to take it to the next level and understand why we crave sugar in the first place. Do we need to quit sugar completely? Once in a while, it is nice to have a sugary treat… As long as you can get back on track after your indulgence without guilt and regret.

Research shows that sugar acts on the same part of the brain as drugs like cocaine. It provides this amazing high and a deep crash, which then causes the body to crave more. So, the manufacturing companies have found so many ways to hide sugar in our processed foods (so we buy more of their products!) that most of the time, we don’t realize how much sugar we are actually consuming.

Eating whole, unprocessed foods will automatically reduce your sugar intake.

Sugar can be found lurking in pasta sauces, dressings, muffins, bottled juice, condiments, and marinades. It’s even lurking in foods many may assume are “healthy” and “natural.” So, if we know where the hidden sugars are, we can drastically reduce our sugar intake. Learn (here) how to read labels and become a Sugar Detective.

The Work Health Organization recommends we consume less than 10% of our daily calories from sugar – that’s 25 grams of sugar or 6 teaspoons for women, and 37.5 grams for men (9 teaspoons). In one bottle of a Naked Blue Machine Smoothie there is 55grams of sugar (1 teaspoon=4 grams of sugar). That’s almost 14 teaspoons of sugar – well over the daily recommendation. Yikes!

Avoiding these fruit juices is a small (but significant) step toward reducing your sugar intake. Even those smoothies they make at your gym (although they seem healthy) are typically all fruit, which can deregulate your blood sugar levels. A Golden Goddess smoothie is designed specifically to regulate blood sugar levels – and your sugar rush from other smoothies. They have the perfect dose of Golden Goddess goodies: protein, high quality fat, fiber, and greens (here), as well as any superfood you may want to add!


The Golden Goddess way to reduce your sugar intake is to “crowd in” my Golden Goddess approved foods (here). I recommend:

  • Consuming clean protein, quality fats and fiber rich foods at each meal
  • Drinking 8-12 cups of water a day to stay hydrated
  • Blending your own smoothies that are Golden Goddess Approved (here)
  • Prepping your meals for the week (here)
  • Enlisting a friend or family member to encourage one another in your goals
  • Indulging in dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate
  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep

Snack on:

  • Activated raw almonds
  • Avocado with lemon on sprouted grain bread
  • Raw cashews
  • Water infused with strawberries, lemons, blackberries, and herbs
  • Raw pistachios
  • Apples or bananas with nut butter
  • Homemade trail mix: raw almonds, Brazil nuts, cacao, sesame seeds, and dried fruit

The Work Health Organization recommends we consume less than 10% of our daily calories from sugar!

Eating whole, unprocessed foods will automatically reduce your sugar intake. Combined with a high protein, quality fat, and high fiber, you will curb any and all sugar cravings. If you find yourself craving sugar, ask yourself:

  1. Am I eating enough protein to curb my sugar craving?
  2. Are you getting enough sleep (7-8 hours per night)?
  3. Am I emotionally eating?
  4. What emotion is tied to the craving (anger, fear, anxiety, etc.)?
  5. Did I have a Golden Goddess smoothie this morning?

Avoiding sugar is tough when it’s all around you. With some effort – and my Golden Goddess approved foods – you can take control of your body’s cravings, and avoid that addictive substance found (and hidden) in the majority of the processed foods we see on the shelves.

Don’t let temptation get the best of you… Become your own Sugar Detective, watch what you purchase, and follow my tips for the healthy food intake of a Golden Goddess!

Sending you love and light,

Melissa 😉