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  • Nov

    No Dairy, No Problem: Enjoy Nut Milk Today

    courtesy of Nectar and Green and Brian Samuels Photography

      With a huge surge in popularity over the last several years, nut milk is more and more common on the shelves – and not hidden away in special food stores or health food sections. For many people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, or those who have chosen a vegan diet, …

  • Nov

    This One Beverage Ingredient That Can Give Your…

    healthy girls with long hair

    Big benefits to your health are all around you – in little supplements on the store shelves, and even more so in the foods you choose to eat. Just knowing what to consume – and when – can be the difference between feeling just okay… And feeling your very best! As we covered in our po…

  • Oct

    Ayruvedic One-a-Day


      Your green-juice-a-day habit just got hotter. I just tried this recipe and am amazed by how filling and delicious it is. This is from my friends at Well and Good. Here are the benefits to the green juice you are supposed to drink warm: Meet the Ayurvedic One-a-Day, a green juic…

  • Oct

    Bone Broth: A Cool Weather Superfood


    With autumn upon us, our bodies naturally crave warmer foods. Who doesn’t love that sensation of hot, hardy food in their belly? It warms you from the inside out, and helps you feel cozy even when the weather outside gets nasty… But what about physical benefits? How can we treat ourselv…