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  • Feb

    The Beauty Of Imperfection


    At Nourishing Lab, we learn to embrace our imperfections and honor them… We allow for the looseness of a life well lived - easing up on rules, constraints, and expectations. The beauty lies in the imperfection of our bodies… With all its cravings, hormonal imbalances, intermitten…

  • Jan

    Probiotics: Are They All The Hype?

    fermented food

    The probiotics industry has seen a boom in the past decade - without much research to validate their efficacy. We have all been told that we should take probiotics, especially after we are prescribed antibiotics… But is this really helpful to our delicate microbiome? Could it be hurtful? …

  • Dec

    Spotlight On Celery Juice

    celery juice

    Celery juice is all the rage now - but does it live up to all the hype? Should you be drinking it for the supposed healing qualities? It’s all over Instagram and Twitter as a panacea for health conditions. People are claiming it has cured them of their IBS, migraines, asthma, adrenal fatigue…

  • Nov

    NL Top 5 Vegetables for a GutLoving Lifestyle

      A healthy digestive system is one of the most popular topics among my clients – and it’s no wonder so many people are concerned with their gut health! According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits is associated with …