Chia seeds may not be the most appealing food at first glance, but after trying a few recipes, I’ve come to love their crunchy texture and gelatinous consistency. These tiny seeds, native to Guatemala and Mexico, are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with plant-based omega-3s, easy digestibility, and essential nutrients.

In other words, chia seeds are a bit of an acquired taste, but once you get used to them, you’ll love them for their unique texture and nutrient content.

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beauty of imperfection

At Nourishing Lab, we learn to embrace our imperfections and honor them…
We allow for the looseness of a life well lived – easing up on rules, constraints, and

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blueberry smoothie

Explore this list of Nourishing Labs approved products and books! I have read or tried every product or book on this list, and I feel totally confident recommending each to you. These books all provided new insights into being a better practitioner, and you know how much I love eco-friendly and reliable products!

I hope these serve you as well as they’ve served me. If there’s something on this list you try and enjoy, please let me know. I’ve handpicked everything here, and I know you’ll find them as useful, insightful, and valuable as I do!

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nourishing lab

I am so glad you are here right now – and that you have chosen a path to health and wellness! The path is very different for each and every one of us, but we can all achieve our goals through some simple steps.

It is about choosing TRUST over SHAME and FEAR.

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