Gift List for Her

rose quartz

If you’re gift searching for a friend, loved one, sister, or daughter… This is an excellent place to find some thoughtful and intentional items that will bring light and love to that special someone.

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be lavish. Sometimes a small present that improves quality of life is just right. Sometimes it’s something simple that fits right into the recipient’s personal style. It’s all about being thoughtful… But it can be tough to conjure ideas!

So, here’s a list of gift ideas for the special women in your life. Best of luck with your search!

1. Herbivore Rose Quartz

Glowing rose hydration inspired by my favorite gemstone: Rose Quartz, a stone of the heart and a crystal of unconditional love. It carries with it peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort. What better way to celebrate a friend, sister, or loved one? It is formulated with the best oils and infused with Moroccan rose and jasminum grandiflorum.


2. The Beauty Chef Holiday Boost

Give the gift of inner beauty! These three formulas nurture the health of your belly for beautiful, glowing skin from the inside out. The set includes Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, Glow Inner Beauty Powder, and Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost. Think of it as an internal skin moisturizer to supercharge your body. They are all TSA-friendly, making them a great gift for anyone who likes to travel.


3. BKR Water Dottle

Hydration is an important part of a beautiful complexion. This is a great gift for anyone – from a mom that has to spend most of the day in the car, to your fitness fanatic friend, to your significant other! Everyone needs water! It is available in a wide range of colors.


4. Raffia Hat

This is a perfect gift for someone special, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. A lovely hat will keep harmful sunrays from damaging their skin – and keep them looking stylish!


5. La Tierra Sagrada Hair Medicine

A luxurious hair product containing coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, babassu oil, vitamin E, rosemary, palo santo and ayahusca plant essence. This wonderful hair care treatment will become a ritual for whoever you give this to – it’s that good!


6. Lift and Sculpt Butterfly Stone

This stone has many healing and anti-aging benefits. Regular massaging helps drain puffiness and unwanted toxins. It is a favorite of Jennifer Aniston and Linda Evangelista. Anyone would be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift!


7. Goldsheep Clothing

These are vibrant, one of a kind leggings that feature highly detailed, fun images emblazoned across the legs. Each piece is handmade and high quality, designed for comfort, function, and fashion!


8. Paper Source Custom Journal

Journals are a great gift to help someone cultivate gratitude and keep track of experiences. Keeping a daily journal has all kinds of mental health benefits, and with this gift, you can get one customized for your loved one. It’s a perfect way to start the New Year!


9. True Organics of Sweden – All You Need Is Me

Here’s a perfect ointment (without petroleum) to soothe chafing and sunburn, heal cuts and scrapes, and revitalize dry patches. It contains olive oil, shea butter, and other healthy oils for hydration… And who doesn’t just love the name? This is a great gift for any of the women in your life!


Each of these gift ideas will show how much you care, and help promote healthy skin, beauty, and feeling great! Treat the special women in your life to thoughtful gifts, and watch their faces light up with happiness.

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